St. Francis’ Walk, Italy

Embrace the Life
from Florence through Assisi to Rome

The Pilgrimage

The Pilgrimage

“It was the most beautiful
experience of our lives”

Sabine Berger, pilgrim

Start: Florence
Destination: Rome–Montelibretti
Overall distance: 500 km (310 mi)
Altitude difference: ▲ 15.913 m (52.208 ft)
Altitude difference: ▼ 15.548 m (51.010 ft)
Days of pilgrimage: 28

“Buongiorno, buona gente!” – “Good day to you, good men!”
With these words on his lips, Francis of Assisi crossed the valley of Rieti for the first time in 1209. These good men are still to be found on the pilgrimage of St. Francis, warmly welcoming pilgrims from all over the world.

What to expect as a pilgrim on the St. Francis' Path? Hiking over 500 kilometres in four weeks poses an extreme challenge to body and mind. There are many metres of height to be passed, but also unspoiled nature. Every now and then, one will pass convents telling the story of St. Francis of Assisi.

Alternatively to this, the St. Francis' Path can be explored by bike. We have developed an alternative route and guarantee a comfortable journey on good tar streets and gravel roads, quiet country roads and lonely tracks. Equal to the footpath, it leads to all the important sights. The distance of 500 kilometres is parted into 10 travelling days.

This includes spiritual Franciscan places, the nature and Italy’s locals, lonely villages like Greccio and vivid cities like Rieti as well as the journey's magnificent final: the arrival in Rome.



The St. Francis' Path by Foot:

Florence–Assisi: 250 km (155 miles)
Altitude difference: ▲ 8.243 m (27.043 ft)
Altitude difference: ▼ 8.056 m (26.430 ft)
Travelling Days: 14

Assisi–Rome: 250 km (155 miles)
Altitude difference: ▲ 7.670 m (25.164 ft)
Altitude difference: ▼ 7.492 m (24.580 ft)
Travelling Days: 14

The St. Francis' Path by Bike:

Florence–Rome: 500 km (310 miles)
Altitude difference: ▲ 10.508 m (34.475 ft)
Altitude difference: ▼ 10.287 m (33.750 ft)
Travelling Days: 13


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Basilika di San Francesco, Assisi

Basilika di San Francesco, Assisi
The Book

The Book
St. Francis' Path: A Pilgrim's Guide

On the road together with holy Francis
from Florence via Assisi to Rome


Practical information for the pilgrimage:
Packing list, tips on gear, and recommendations for a relaxed journey

Italian for pilgrims:
Includes Italian language guide for easy communication throughout the journey.
Let yourself be inspired by thoughts, prayers and stories from the life of St. Francis.

Pilgrimage with GPS:
Our free GPS-Files for download make your pilgrimage easier. The electronic per-day stages have been approved by many pilgrims before you and will lead you to your destination safely.

Pilgrimage without GPS:
If you would like to make your pilgrimage without electronic support, you can rely on the exact directions given in the book for a relaxed pilgrimage.

Evaluating the landscape:
Elevation gains and length measurements are given directly on the corners of the map. Evaluations of the distance and statements on the level of difficulty ease the planning of your pilgrimage.

Overnight accommodations:
All the given addresses of the day stages are constantly checked and refreshed.

ISBN 978-3-95431-055-5 · € 19,95
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